jeudi 31 octobre 2013


Image le petit marseillais

Le petit Marseillais has a kind of very traditional advertising. Actually, the promise of Le petit Marseillais is the virtues olfactory and hydrating of the product. The communication is based on the vegetal origins of products which are kind of ecologic. The advertising insists on the myth of the petit marseillais which is a very old product and very traditional product in France. The core of the advertising is the product.

Image dove

Dove has a communication more different that generally seen in the media. They choose to show to promote their products every type of women, voluptuous, with imperfections, really different than super skinny models that are seen on the magazines. The fact is That 80% of women want to loose weight and the message of Dove is: you can be confident and you have to, real women are like you no like all the skinny models on the magazines. The core of the product is the consumer.

The target of both companies is the same: women between 25 and 45 with a family, but the way to attract them is totally different. Le petit marseillais highlights the nature and the virtues of a product good for all the family whereas Dove insits on the well being of the Customer: the promise is with dove you feel well in your skin because you are like other women  with imperfection. Finally Dove embraced all the imperfections of the women whereas le petit marseillais insist on the benefits of it core product.

Finally, these two companies communicate a different way; one (le petit marseillais) prefers to insist on the myth and the virtues of its product whereas the other one (Dove) highlight the well being procured by the product and the brand expérience.


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dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Packaging approach

From a packaging point of view “Dove” and “Le petit Marseillais”, are very different and each boast their own brand identity. The main objectives of the packaging are to differentiate themselves, convey a message, reflect the brand value and be easily recognizable on the shelves. 
“Dove” and “le petit Marseillais” have well integrated this concept and applied it to their entire range of beauty care product (Shampoo, body wash…). Both brands have managed to standardize the design of their products while segmenting the different range of product.

Dove packaging:

On Dove packaging the white color predominates. White is the emblematic color of Dove, in fact it is a reminder of the basic concept of the brand: “a product consisting of ¼ of milk”. White refers to the origins of the brand and also contributes to evoke the purity, the simplicity and the light. Otherwise, Dove has introduced a code system on each product in order to segment the product benefits, the intrinsic quality of products and also the consumer needs.

The product’s shape and size is unique to each product line. In fact, Dove provide sophisticate and elaborate packaging. Dove differentiates himself from its competitors with original packaging and ergonomic shape.
Body Wash product: milk drop
Shampoo product: Long tube with a wide base (compare to the top)
Beauty bar product: Rectangular cardboard (the shape of the product is oval)
Lotion: elongate tube and streaked

The design of the label is simple, we find the logo and the brand on top, and some product information below. Sometimes there is a small drawing in the middle evoking the creamy and soft property of the product.  

Le Petit Marseillais packaging:

Unlike Dove, the packaging of « Le Petit Marseillais » is very colorful. The packaging highlights a single bright and flashy color depending on the scent of the product. The colors on the packaging are used to recall the origins of the brand and its values:  conjure up the nature and the Provence region. Le Petit Marseillais segments its products through the color and the shape of the stopper (for the body wash product).

The shape of the bottles differs slightly from one product line to another. However, the shape is fairly simple compared to the dove product. Body Wash bottles are rectangular with assertive angles while shampoo bottles have slightly rounded angles.

The design of the label is warm/welcoming, we find at the top the logo of the brand and in the middle there is a summary drawing that highlights the ingredients and scents within the bottle. The packaging is playing with the consumer emotion.


mardi 15 octobre 2013

Overall presentation

Dove has been created in 1957 in the US with a revolutionary formula for dry and sensitive skin based on moisturisation.  Nowadays, Dove is owned by the giant Unilever and offers a large range of product:
 - Washing and Bathing product
- Hand and body lotion product
- Deodorant product
- Hair care product
- Men care product

Dove is a worldwide brand with strong position on each continent with a turn over around $2.5 billion/ years.  Dove mission is “to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look”. For Dove true beauty lies in all shapes, all sizes and all ages.

Le petit marseillais has been created in 1982 in France in order to bring up to date the famous Marseille soap. Le petit marseillais encounter the success thank to authentic soap with fruity scents reminding of south of France and Mediterranean atmosphere. Since 2006, Le petit marseillais belong to Johnson and Johnson and has develop a large range of product:
-  Washing and Bathing product
- Hand and body lotion product
- Hair care product

 With a turnover over $200 million/years, le petit marseillais is strongly implement in the French market, hence, Leader in France it’s one of the most dynamic brand on this sector.

The French solid and liquid soap and shower gel market can be describe as a hyper-competitive market where the position of the 12 brands constantly move in term of market share. In this very competitive environment, some brands try to differentiate themselves through innovation and marketing strategy. Dove and Le petit marseillais are the two main actors who escaped from the peloton with a strong brand identity.