mardi 15 octobre 2013

Overall presentation

Dove has been created in 1957 in the US with a revolutionary formula for dry and sensitive skin based on moisturisation.  Nowadays, Dove is owned by the giant Unilever and offers a large range of product:
 - Washing and Bathing product
- Hand and body lotion product
- Deodorant product
- Hair care product
- Men care product

Dove is a worldwide brand with strong position on each continent with a turn over around $2.5 billion/ years.  Dove mission is “to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look”. For Dove true beauty lies in all shapes, all sizes and all ages.

Le petit marseillais has been created in 1982 in France in order to bring up to date the famous Marseille soap. Le petit marseillais encounter the success thank to authentic soap with fruity scents reminding of south of France and Mediterranean atmosphere. Since 2006, Le petit marseillais belong to Johnson and Johnson and has develop a large range of product:
-  Washing and Bathing product
- Hand and body lotion product
- Hair care product

 With a turnover over $200 million/years, le petit marseillais is strongly implement in the French market, hence, Leader in France it’s one of the most dynamic brand on this sector.

The French solid and liquid soap and shower gel market can be describe as a hyper-competitive market where the position of the 12 brands constantly move in term of market share. In this very competitive environment, some brands try to differentiate themselves through innovation and marketing strategy. Dove and Le petit marseillais are the two main actors who escaped from the peloton with a strong brand identity.


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