jeudi 31 octobre 2013


Image le petit marseillais

Le petit Marseillais has a kind of very traditional advertising. Actually, the promise of Le petit Marseillais is the virtues olfactory and hydrating of the product. The communication is based on the vegetal origins of products which are kind of ecologic. The advertising insists on the myth of the petit marseillais which is a very old product and very traditional product in France. The core of the advertising is the product.

Image dove

Dove has a communication more different that generally seen in the media. They choose to show to promote their products every type of women, voluptuous, with imperfections, really different than super skinny models that are seen on the magazines. The fact is That 80% of women want to loose weight and the message of Dove is: you can be confident and you have to, real women are like you no like all the skinny models on the magazines. The core of the product is the consumer.

The target of both companies is the same: women between 25 and 45 with a family, but the way to attract them is totally different. Le petit marseillais highlights the nature and the virtues of a product good for all the family whereas Dove insits on the well being of the Customer: the promise is with dove you feel well in your skin because you are like other women  with imperfection. Finally Dove embraced all the imperfections of the women whereas le petit marseillais insist on the benefits of it core product.

Finally, these two companies communicate a different way; one (le petit marseillais) prefers to insist on the myth and the virtues of its product whereas the other one (Dove) highlight the well being procured by the product and the brand expérience.


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