vendredi 6 décembre 2013

Little Survey and a kind of Lovemarks

We’ve done a survey of 3 questions on a sample of 100 people around brands Dove and Le Petit Marseillais.

We’ve asked them to name 3 brands of soap/ shower gel/ shampoo, and is it appeared in majority Dove and Le Petit Marseillais.

Indeed , 84% of people surveyed have included in their response both brands and 100% recognized logos.

Then we've asked them to select words that corresponded to Dove and Le Petit Marseillais.

For Dove, two qualitative words emerge: strong identity (14%) and quality (14%). People consider the brand more feminine (15%) than masculine and also efficient and innovative but accessible.

Concerning Le Petit Marseillais, three main qualitative words are : tradition (14%), family (12%) and strong identity (12%). They consider the brand as feminine and masculine (8% for both) and also qualitative and accessible.

We can see at the end that these two brands are perceived in a completely different way for customers. Dove is a very big brand, famous with more than 95% of named brands and it is a feminine brand.
Also as we can observe, people put it as a leader in its category whereas Le Petit Marseillais isn't regarded as a market leader. Le Petit Marseillais is famous but inspire more the family and natural product, two things which its identity is based on.


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