mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Market and compétition

This blog highlights two competitors on the soap market but, there are not the only two actors of a very huge and competitiveness market.

Actually, the market of shower gel is an increasing market in France, representing around 600 millions Euros in 2012, which growths around 4% a year.
This amount attracts a lot of players into the market. In France, the major actor is one of the companies chosen in our blog: Le Petit Marseillais reaches 15% of the market.
The major competitor in this market for Le Petit Marseillais is TAHITI with 14% of market shares. Then, there is Ushaia with 9% of the market share. These two companies choose to communicate on the virtues of far away and exotic countries.
There is also an other type of companies that choose a very different way to communicate: it is the case of Axe. Axe has close to 10% of the market in France thanks to a communication very Young orientated for boy and young man showing the Axe shower gel not as a shower gel but as a seduction’s advantage.
Dove earns around 5% of the market that is close to competitors like MonSavon, Sanex or Cadum which are products quite similar.

So, in this very competitive market, Le Petit Marseillais appears like the leader and Dove like the challenger. But, there are other variables to take into account. Dove is implemented all around the world (80 countries) whereas Le Petit Marseillais realizes only 10% of is sells abroad.

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